Wednesday, 9 December 2009

Notice from the President of MSA 09/10


·        PASSPORT

1) For those who LOST their PASSPORT outside territory of Russia, do lodge a police report and contact the Malaysian Embassy or consulate in the country you are in immediately!
2) As a safety precaution, you are advised to find out the contact of the Malaysian embassy or consulate in the respective country you are visiting.
Malaysian Embassy in Moscow +74991471512
3) Students who are yet to hand in a copy of their passport to their batch representative please do so by WEDNESDAY 16.12.09 (especially for 1st year and premed).
4) For those who had renewed their passport, please pass a photocopy of your renewed passport to your batch representative.
5) Your copy of passport will remain as confidential under MSA and it will be only used in case of emergency only!

·        Recruitment for MEDIA BUREAU crew members of Malaysian students’ association

1) Experience in blog designing and maintenance (HTML)

2) Good conduct in both Malay and English and the ability to convey them in proper written form.

.:.  For those who are interested, application can be made through your respective MSA batch representative in a week (as soon as possible).

.:. For any doubts and inquiries, please do not hesitate to approach your batch representative or just contact us through

·        Help others to help yourself.

We would like to inform that the Malaysian students’ association has set up a new blog:

This blog contain all essential medical resources for the benefits of all students.
We would like to ask for contributions for this blog in the forms of e-books, lecture materials, graphic videos, slide shows, exam materials etc.

.:. All contributions are welcomed and much appreciated. Thank you

President of MSA 09/10

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