Sunday, 26 December 2010

Pre-election Message from President

Dear Volgogradian,
The long waited MSA election is finally here. We hope for all students to be at the election on 27.12.2010 ( Monday ), at 6pm sharp, in auditorium No. 2, main campus.
We understand your predicament, yes it is winter and it is also a weekday. Therefore, the Election Committee had made it their utmost aim for the election process to be carried out efficiently, making sure your precious time does not go to waste.
Practice your right to vote! A short one and a half hour will determine the future of Malaysians in VSMU.
Your attendance and punctuality is very much appreciated.
Thank you in advance. See you all during the election!

President MSA,
Chai Chan Sin

Polyclinic issues and Half Day

If anyone happen to visit the polyclinic during working hour, but no doctor there, please call dean office to report the problem. ( tel:383018 ).

On 31st Dec 2010, all classes till 12 n.

Please be informed.

Wednesday, 22 December 2010

Meeting with Dean 20/12/2010

Dear students,
The dean of the university had conducted a meeting on 20th December 2010 (Monday).  The university would like to convey these messages to all students:
  1. Students are reminded to take good care of themselves, especially out in the streets.  
  2. Students are expected not to create any forms of attention and conflicts. If any problem arises, students should always refer this matter to the university or curator as soon as possible.
  3. Students are not advised to wonder outside at odd hours. Students are recommended to stay home after dark.
  4. The university assures that the current situation in Volgograd is still under control as enough safety measures have been carried out, despite the riots happening in other cities in Russia.
  5. For students staying in apartments, students are required to obey the rules of their respective premises. Any violation of rules, for example causing fire will end you up with court case and fine.  In general, lowering down the noise production after 10pm.
  6. Students are not advised to leave Volgograd for this coming New Year break. If you need to do so, you must obtain permission from dekanat together with application letter and parent’s supporting letter.

Saturday, 18 December 2010

Message from the Ambassador

The Ambassador of Malaysia to the Russian Federation warns students to take extra care because the situation in Moscow has escalated.

Please be informed.

Change of Address Reminder

Those who changed their place of living, either from/to hostels or apartments, are required to re-register their registration slips to correspond with their current address.

Please be informed.

CME [M&M] 19/12/10

Date: 19th December 2010 (SUNDAY)
Time: 1430-1545 , 1600-1630
Venue: Study Room Hiroshima


Spot diagnosis I - Ren Geng
Kawasaki disease – Sayleni
Spot diagnosis II – Yee Bee

This week special addition(For 2nd and 3rd year students):

ECG signs of heart hypertrophy - Ethan Ang

Open to All

Thursday, 16 December 2010

Change of Health Care Service Center

Attention to all students, health services at Family’s Clinic, Ulitsa Kim is no longer in service for students. The new place for students to get health services by means of policy, currently is at  VSMU Medical Hostel # 3 (Ulitsa Kazlovskaya).
Working hour:-

·        Monday-Friday
·        8.00 am – 7.00 pm
·        Appointment is not necessary.

We understand that the Health Care Service provided does not correspond to the amount that we pay. Therefore MSA will be bringing this issue to First Secretary of the Malaysian Embassy in Moscow, Mr. Wan Azizam Wan Salleh this Friday. Please give your feedback to the batch representative regarding the Health Care Service received.

Message from MSA President Chai Chan Sin

Dear Malaysians,

We are glad to announce that the MSA constitution is finally ready. The aim of forming the constitution is to set a guideline for the MSA committee and its members in regards to their responsibilities and conducting an election. It has been made and tailored to suit the system and environment in VSMU.

There are always pros and cons when implementing a new system. We hope that members can be understanding, and give full support to the new constitution. If the system implemented proved to be ineffective, the points in the constitution can be rectified appropriately, as stated in the constitution.

The election will be conducted on the 27th of December 2010. We understand that it is a rush and everything has to be carried out within a short period of time, so we hope that everyone will give their full cooperation to their batch representatives, in order to smoothen and hasten the election process.

For those who aspire to run for a position in the MSA, please do not hesitate to campaign. You may start now by sending the information to the Media Director of Election Committee, Mr. Teng Kok Liang (, 89178461691)

Last but not least, I would like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year in advance. See you all on election day!

Thank you.

President Chai

For further details, please visit

Constitution and Election Guideline

The constitution and the guidelines for the election has been released.
Download them from here:

MSA Constitution
Election Committee
Election Guidelines

Please be informed.

Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Practical Scheduling Problems

For those who joining the elective practical, if the practical schedule falls on class hour (including Russian class), please go to the dean office to rearrange the practical.

Please be informed.

Meeting for JPA students

Meeting between the First Secretary of the Malaysian Embassy in Moscow, En. Wan Azizam Wan Salleh and JPA Students:

Date: 17th Dec 2010 ( Friday )
Time: 5.15 pm
Venue: 5th Auditorium, Main Campus

Attendance is compulsory. 

Please be informed.

New Ambassador

The new Ambassador of Malaysia to the Russian Federation is Dato' Zainal Abidin Omar, who is concurrently accredited to Republic of Belarus, Republic of Armenia and Republic of Georgia.

Please be informed.

Sunday, 12 December 2010

University Official Website

Dear Students,

The university is currently planning to improvise the university official website by adding a section regarding the life of Malaysians studying in Volgograd, which can promote Malaysian cultures to others.  

The university is inviting those who are interested in journalism, photography, article writing to contribute to our university’s website. Your works will be publicized in our university’s website. 

You may just specify in one sphere, for example in doing only photography etc.
If you are interested, you may give your name to your respective batch representatives.

A detailed briefing is expected to be conducted in this coming Wednesday or Thursday. 

Friday, 10 December 2010

CME [M&M] 12/12/10

CME - 22
Date: 12th December 2010 (SUNDAY)
Time: 1430-1615 , 1630-1700
Venue: Study Room Hiroshima


Spot diagnosis - Sakinah
Hirschsprung(paed) – Sarbdev Singh
Case discussion – Radhika

This week special addition(For 2nd and 3rd year students):

Rate, Rhythm, Axis- Kevin Wong

Open to All

Saturday, 4 December 2010

Friday, 3 December 2010

CME [M&M] 05/12/10

CME - 21
Date: 5th December 2010 (SUNDAY)
Time: 1430-1615 , 1630-1700
Venue: Study Room Hiroshima


Spot diagnosis - Shahirah
Approach to Epilepsy – Kok Xian
Case discussion – Ivan Khoo

This week special addition(For 2nd and 3rd year students):

Introduction to ECG part 2-Yon Quan

Open to All