Thursday, 19 August 2010

SPA Interview

There is a slight possibility that the SPA interview for final year students this year might be happening in Russia. In the unlikely chance of this happening, the MSA recommends the final year students this year, who would like to be prepared, to have the following documents:

1) Original higher education documents ( SPM/STPM...)
2) Birth certification and two (2) certified copies
3) IC and two (2) certified copies
4) Two (2) certified copies of parents' IC, birth certificates and passports.
5) Passport-sized photo
6) Co-curriculum certificates.

The certification can be done by any government officers grade 41 & above, such as your secondary school principals, doctors, commissioners of oath [Suruhanjaya Angkat Sumpah] etc.

If one does not go through the interview in Russia, in the unlikely event of it being in Russia this year, one can still do the interview here in Malaysia.

Please be informed.


  1. certified by whom?

  2. "birth certication and 2 certified copies"

    means the ori birth cert has to bring or not?

    same question to number "3"

  3. wat is certified copies means??

    how to certify photocopy?

  4. co-curriculum certs???
    pls be specific....
    tank u

  5. The list and post has been updated with regards to the certification questions.

    Yes, the original documents except those belonging to your parents have to be brought should one chooses to be interviewed in Russia.

    Certified copies mean that the photocopies of the original documents have to be certified by the aforementioned officials.

    Co-curriculum certificates refer to certificates one received from one's high school in recognition of one's participation in co-curriculum activities i.e. attendances in scout camps, certifications from Leo, Interact, Setia and other clubs and so on.

  6. i c.....