Saturday, 25 June 2011

Summer Practical in Malaysia

Dear friends,

These are the requirements for those doing their summer practicals in Malaysia

Department of A&E(3rd & 5th year)

1.Prepare a diary which has to be certified by the head of department/hospital.
2.Your diary should include 30 prescriptions and treatment algorithm for 10 diseases.
3.A short characteristic of yourself during your practicals should be prepared and certified by the doctor in charge.
4.Upon your return to Volgograd you'll have to sit for your exams.
5.Please download the format for your diary and exam questions in the link below(just copy and paste it to your internet browser).



Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Ambassador of Malaysia


There will be a meeting tomorrow (23 June 2011) at 3.30PM,Aktovi Zal with the Ambassador of Malaysia.The meeting is open to all.

Thursday, 16 June 2011

Update on summer practical procedures

Attn to those who submitted their name for summer practical in Malaysia:

1) Starting from Friday (17 June 2011) after 2pm, you may collect the letter issued by the university from the dekanat (refer to Mr. Maxim).

2) Starting from Wednesday (22 June 2011), you may resume the next step; present yourself in the dean’s office together with a print out copy of your acceptance letter from your respective hospital in Malaysia. You are supposed to write a заявление to our dean regarding summer practical application. The dean will tell you how to write it sign the заявление himself.

3) After obtaining the 3 documents:
a) letter issued by the university
b) Acceptance letter issued by hospital in Malaysia
c) Заявление approved by the dean

You may now proceed to your respective departments (2nd and 4th year therapy and surgery; 3rd and 5th year ambulance) to get the diary format and practical exam question list. Your respective department will handle the rest unless otherwise told by your respective departments.

4) Upon your arrival back to Volgograd, you are required to submit the practical diary which is certified by your respective department and hospital and the original copy of your acceptance letter issued by your respective hospital in Malaysia.

5) Practical exam session is expected to be held in the first two weeks of September 2011.

You are once again reminded that the department which you are going to carry out your practical in Malaysia must comply with practical principles for your course of study in VSMU.

Therapy department (Russia) = medicine/general medicine/internal medicine department (Malaysia)
Surgical department is the same for both.
Ambulance department (Russia) = Accident & Emergency (A&E) department (Malaysia)

MSA does not bear the responsibility for your flight tickets issues. You should understand that all air tickets changes are done in expenses of your own risk.

We understand that some of you have received the acceptance letter from your hospital in Malaysia and wonder why you cannot carry out the first 2 steps at once. The reason is our university expects us to use the letter issued by them to apply elective practical in Malaysia. And when you receive the reply from your respective hospitals in Malaysia (which some of you already have it now), then you proceed to step 2. In this case, the university did not know that an official reply for your application will take at least 1 month (varies according to hospitals) unless you have connections/alternative way.

So, we separated the 2 steps in 2 different time, so that it will be as if your hospital in Malaysia reply to the first letter issued by the university.

Due to this factor, we need your cooperation to follow those steps mentioned above in the given time period to avoid conflicts with the dekanat. We do not want any unnecessary difficulties from the dekanat in the future, do we?

MSA had finalized and submitted up the names collected from batch representatives. Further addition of names shouldn’t be done through MSA anymore. If you would like to do so, you may appeal through the dean directly.

Best regards,
Lee Jiann Woei

Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Summer practical announcement

Dear students who submitted their name for the summer practical application,

You are allowed to collect the formal requirement letter from the dekanat starting from this Thursday (16 June 2011).

This requirement letter is issued by the university which gives you the permission to carry out your summer practical in Malaysia. However, it is mandatory for you to have the acceptance letter for elective posting issued by your respective hospital in Malaysia.

Please note that you are required to produce your practical reports certified by your respective hospital upon your return to Volgograd for the new semester.

You are also required to sit for the practical exam upon your return to Volgograd. Practical exam will be expected to be held within the first two weeks of September 2011. Practical exam schedule will be notified through MSA blog.

Please download and refer to the namelist in the link below.

Ambassador visit to Volgograd

Attn to Malaysian students,

Please be informed that Dato' Zainol Abidin Omar, The Malaysian Ambassador for Russian Federation and MARA representative officer will pay us a visit on 23 June 2011 (Thursday). We will be expecting a meeting between the ambassador himself with all Malaysian students on 24th June 2011 (Friday). Further details regarding the meeting will be revealed soon. Thank you.