Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Documents Needed for Registration

During the registration, you must submit these documents:

  1. Obkhodnoi List
  2. Passport*
  3.  Visa
  4.  Immigration card
  5. Receipt for registration
  6. Receipt for visa
  7. Non-glossy black and white visa-sized pictures**
  8. 1 photocopy of the passport-holder information of your passport i.e. the first page inside your passport where your picture is*
  9. 1 front and back photocopy of your visa
  10. 1 front and back photocopy of your immigration card
 * If you renew your passport, you must submit the old passport as well, along with the necessary photocopies.
** There has been cases where pictures from Malaysia were not accepted because of various reasons. To be safe, it is advised for students to take their pictures here in Russia.

Regarding the renewal of passport: If you renew your passport, you have to go to the Russian Embassy in Malaysia and submit your passport and visa for them to verify and update your visa. The process usually take up to three working days, though it could take longer.

Please be informed.


  1. dude,thx 4d info.
    esp d pasport renewal thing.was wondering wat 2do...

  2. concerning the renewal of passport and submitting our passport..i heard from people that the whole process will take less than a day only..what the embassy will do is simply liquid off the old passport number on our green-coloured visa and write the new passport number..then, the embassy will place the stamp at the side to prove that its genuine.
    are there any seniors that waited for more than 3days to verify and update their visa?

  3. Technically, it can be done in less than ten minutes but sometimes the ambassador might be busy. That is why we said up to three days.

  4. would it be OK to renew our passport, few months before its expiry date? lets say, few months before december.

  5. Actually, you NEED to renew your passport a few months before the expiry date. If I'm not mistaken, you can't use your passport to travel outside the country five or six months before the expiry date. That means, if your expiry date is in December, you can't travel outside of Malaysia after June and you have to renew it then.

  6. it seems that the embassy only process the visa on mon, wed, fri..i guess that explains the delay up to 3days =)

  7. how many pictures ARE neded?

  8. can anyone please explain the necessity to pay the 18 rubles thingy?

  9. DrMuse if I'm not mistaken, a minimum of four

    DMM It's required by the university

  10. Numbers of photos depends whether they still using the same visa or not.
    If the green visa paper is in bad condition, you need 3, if in good condition, then you just need 1 only.
    So it is safe to bring 3 photos

  11. Thanks for that but they print and sell the pictures in 4s and 6s, plus you need an extra one if you want to make a new student card.