Friday, 2 July 2010

Issues Concerning the Obkhodnoi List and Visa

Books taken from the library on Kozolovskaya street can be returned throughout the holidays from 11am to 3pm except on weekends.

Books taken from the main library have to be returned by the 16th of July 2010, on which date it will be closed for the semester.

Therefore, it is advisable to return all books and obtain the librarian signature for the obkhodnoi list before the 16th of July 2010.

The payment for the registration and visa can be done in advance, though the receipt must be kept for processing when students return from their holidays and submit their visa for processing.

The payment for the registration and visa requires different receipts. In other words, you will need one receipt for visa and another for registration for the registration and visa processing. The registration fee for one year [2 semesters] is 600.00 roubles. If you want to pay for one semester, please refer to the Passport-Visa department on the Russian Language department for the amount that you have to pay. The amount you have to pay for visa is 1000 roubles.

For your information the price for these two was set by the Government of the Russian Federation, not the University, and it is the same throughout the country.

Here's how you should fill the payment slip

Take note!
  1. Under сумма write 600 or 1000 depending on whether you're paying for visa or registration. You need to have TWO [2] different receipts, one for visa, one for registration.
  2. Under абонент fill in your full name and country of origin in Russian.
  3. Under адрес fill in  the address of the place where you will be staying. If you're not sure where you'll be staying, it is better not to pay first because you'll need to pay 200 roubles to change the address during the registration itself.
  4. Payment can be made at any Свербанк России branch in Volgograd.
  5. In some of the Свербанк России branches, one only needs to tell the cashier the details, instead of filling out slips.
This slip sample will also be provided upon request from your batch representatives or from the Passport-Visa department on the Russian Language department.

Students must leave Volgograd three [3] days after obtaining their visas from the visa department.

Please be informed.


  1. i have lots of ques...
    1. where we can get the obkhodnoi list???
    2. can we settle everythings b4 we finish our exm??
    3. will d statemnt of "payment for registration" included visa's paymnt???

  2. I'm guessing that you're a first year or a padfak student. Just an observation.

    The obkhodnoi list is a piece of paper, on which you have to get a few signatures from different officials to claim your visa. It can be obtained from the dean's office. You can ask the helpful people in the dekanat to explain to you what and which signatures should be obtained.

    By settling everything, you mean getting all the signatures for the obkhodnoi list - it's only possible for first year and padfak students, since there's a new addition to the obkhodnoi list - you have to get the signature for practicals, which will be given upon completion of the said practicals. However, as mentioned, once you've claimed your visa, you have to leave the country in 3 days. Therefore, it is advisable to do it near your date of departure.

    Yes, you can pay for the visa payment too. Again, you have to keep the receipt for the registration process. Thanks for pointing that out.

  3. when we can pay for the visa? and how much?

  4. You can pay for the Visa at any time. It costs 1000 roubles and you have to pay 600 roubles for registration in two different payments as you need two different receipts. In other words, you have to have one receipt for visa and another for registration.