Sunday, 26 September 2010

University Campsite

The University has informed us of the Спортивный лагерь, a campsite belonging to the University that is situated on the riverbank of the Volga.

This campsite is open for use to any student of the VSMU for 250 roubles per person per night. The campsite could accommodate up to 190 people at any given time. Other facilities include but not limited to basketball, football, volleyball courts, an outdoor gym, a canteen, a sauna, a barbecue site and others. It is also possible, if it's preferred, to prepare your own food in the canteen under supervision of a certified cook, provided by the university.

The beach is privately owned by the University and therefore its cleanliness is guaranteed.

The ride to the campsite takes around 30-40 minutes. Transportation can be arranged by the university with charges.

Interested students should contact and provide the MSA with details [Date, number of participants, budgets, requests etc.]

The MSA will then arrange the discussion between the officials concerned and the students.

Please be informed.

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