Friday, 10 September 2010

Notice Regarding Change of Address

There is an agreement between our university between our university and your respective agents and sponsors [JPA, MARA, MINDEF, YT] that all pre-med and first year students are required to live in the hostels, as provided by the university.

The only exception to this is if one were to move into an apartment with one's older sibling, who must be a student of the VSMU in his or her third year or above.

Second year students are only allowed to move out if they have the appropriate documents.

Documents needed for the abovementioned pre-med, first and second year students, who wish to move out:
  1. A permission letter from your parents to move out in English. Reasons of moving out MUST be stated inside said letter.
  2. A request letter to Mr. A. A. Rogov (заявление)
  3. The contract of your new accommodation (договор) to be presented to Mr. A. A. Rogov
Furthermore, Mr. Sherbakov in the Visa department must be informed of the change of address.

This is also true for students, who have changed their address but have yet to inform the Visa department. Legally, this must be done, at the latest, 3 days after the move but if you're past this date, please do this as soon as possible.

The immigration officers will start to check our passports and registrations slips soon. If you're found not to be living as stated in your registration slip, it is considered as breaking the law.

You may be fined for the first offense. For the second offense, you will be sent home and you will be denied a visa to enter the Russian Federation for 5 years.

Please be informed.

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