Sunday, 12 September 2010

Summary on Meeting with University ( 10/09/10 )


-According to the Dean, Mr Emelyanov, as the pro-rector Prof. Spasov is not in Volgograd, the summer practical rules is set by Russian government, MMC just supported it as they think overseas students should carry out  their summer practical in the respective countries where they are studying in.

-The duration of summer practical as well as when it is carried out cannot be changed because our university is strictly following the standards guideline offered by Russian medical council, this means that both Russians and foreigners students need to carry out this summer practical from 1st until 28th July every year unless otherwise stated by your specific department where you are going to carry out the practical.

-Mr. Emelyanov promises to increase the quality of the practical. Soon a survey list from university will be distributed.

-Meanwhile, MSA also hope that students can fill in the survey list provided in MSA blog, as a feedback for university and Malaysia Embassy.

-University cannot change the visa expiry date to 1st of October as requested by MSA, because it is a rule set by Immigration Department of Volgograd. And this rule varies according to different states.

 -The university reminds all students to take good care of themselves, do not do things that could endanger yourselves.

- Prof. A.A Spasov had showed MSA committee the university’s property and facilities (summer camp) where students may use the facilities for occasions provided with booking procedure and a minimal surcharge. The detail regarding the summer camp will soon be announced.

-Students living in the hostel are required to obey the hostel rules at all times, especially regarding the electrical appliances usage.

Conclusion: In conjunction with this, MSA will write in letter to Ambassador, to have the above issues clarified and finding the best solution which is beneficial to all parties.


  1. Volgograd has its own Immigration Department??
    crap! i thought Immigration department is under central authority?
    if that so,no wonder it takes soo looong q to settle our visa at uni..
    foolish!! i never know that Immigration Department has its own authority and way-of-management according to states..yeah.maybe our university knows better about their own government than us..MAYBE~

  2. i just hate Russia!

  3. totally stupid!!!!
    they promise to increase the quality of practical??hahahaha...make me feel like hooorayyy IM SO it??hell no!
    i dun believe such they want to improve the quality if,we just attend the practical and write down the lectrure..its not practical...practical means,you must perform by doing that activity..with patients,not with pen and paper..write write not a future writer,im a future doctor tq~

  4. Dear students,

    Though your disappointment is understandable and your feedback is greatly appreciated, we would prefer it greatly if you would give constructive comments rather than just expressing your disappointment.

  5. please,if the university said that it was the government rules, ask from them BLACK & WHITE letter/constitution with it being confirmed/stamped by Volgograd Administration.
    don't just believe what they said.

    i hope u'll take note of this. please..i'm begging all of us and them(University) to be professional.
    we need BLACK & WHITE attachments/letters/anything!

  6. Mr Emelyanov did mention that they have the letter from MMC regarding summer practicals in Russia, request to not issue Malaysian students with attachment letters, among other things. The University is willing to show us the letter.

    Regarding the Volgograd Administration, the MSA is already trying to get the university to do so.

    Thank you for your suggestion.

  7. about the visa.
    is it 1st of october or sept?
    or some typo mistake?

  8. i want to know whether issue about 3rd years's 'quality' practicals had been brought up during the meeting with emelyanov..?

    if yes, then what is the conclusion? same answer as for the 2nd year?

  9. The visa will stay as it is now. 1st of September.

    The quality of all the practicals was discussed. The university acknowledged the low level of quality and promised to raise it.

  10. so,how're they gonna raise the level of quality?
    is it possible? bcoz u know that wahat shud 2nd year do as they only know bout yxog only..
    and the 3rd years had the SAME practicals as they'll have again in 5th year. NO DIFFERENCES