Tuesday, 22 November 2011

MSA 5th Grand Election and Annual Grand Meeting 2011

On 18th November 2011, 17.00-21.00, at Lecture Hall No. 2 of Volgograd State Medical University was held Malaysian Student's Association Annual Grand Meeting together with 5th Grand Election. 

On the event Malaysian Students were been updated with events and activities that already been held during October 2010 till October 2011 together with financial report of MSA. 

Highlight of the day is the 5th Grand Election, where the new committee is being chosen. 

MSA 2010/11 Committee 

5th Election Committee 

The election been successfully organized by Election Committee 2011 that lead by Ivan Khoo. The MSA 2011/2012 Committee is been formed. 

MSA 2011/12 and MSA 2010/11 Committee 

President : Mohamad Khairul Afham Mohd. Azemi
Vice President I : Arvinraj Michael Nadarajan
Vice President II : Nicole Thang Pooi Yee

Secretary : Nurliyana Mohamad Yazid
Vice Secretary : Joseph Chien Keat Leong       
Treasurer : Nurul Hidayah Bidri Hisam
Vice Treasurer  : Cheryl Chee Sheh Erl

Welfare Director : Mohamad Fakhrurrazi Abbas
Vice Welfare Director : Daniel Mathen Mathew

Media Director : Nur Sulastini Md Nor
Vice Media Director: Ling Jyh Chyang

Academic Director : Intan Nor Asmarina Razali
Vice Academic Director : Chan Yon Quan

Sports Director : Mohamad Nor Rizwan Abdul Samat Gul
Vice Sports Director : Ganeshwaran Selvarajan 

Batch Representative
Premedical Course : Brian Sim Mong Huat
1st Course : Muhammad Khairul Anuar Muhd Halim
2nd Course : Wan Muhd Adam
3rd Course : Isyafiq Qamaal bin Ahmadi
4th Course : Muhamad Anuar bin Yaakub
5th Course : Muhammad Rafiuddin Hamizan
6th Course : Yadie Syazwan Azizi

The committee would like to thank the Malaysian community of Volgograd for attending the election and voting.

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