Monday, 28 May 2012

MCQ Clinical Year Part5/10

Choose only ONE answer
41. Best prognostic factor for head injury is:
A. Glassgow coma scale
B. Age
C. Mode of injury
D. CT findings
Ans: a.

42. Barrett’s esophagus shows:
A. Intestinal dysplasia
B. Intestinal metaplasia
C. Squamous cell metaplasia
D. Columnar cell metaplasia
Ans: b.

43. 50 year old male with positive family history of prostate cancer has come to you for a screening test. The most sensitive screening test to pickup prostate cancer is:
D. Endorectal Coil MRI with T1W and T2W images
Ans: c.

44. Which of the following colonic polyps has no risk for malignancy?
A. Juvenile polyps
B. Hamartomatous polyps associated with Peutz-Jegher’s syndrome
C. Juvenile polyposis syndrome
D. Famillial adenomatous polyposis syndrome
Ans: a.

45. Peutz Jeghers polyps present most commonly in –
A. rectum
B. colon
C. esophagus
D. jejunum
Ans: d.

46. Sister Mary Joseph nodule is most commonly seen with –
A. Ovarian cancer
B. Stomach cancer
C. Colon cancer
D. Pancreatic cancer
Ans: b.

47. Early post-operative complication of ileostomy in the post-operative period –
A. Obstruction
B. Necrosis
C. Diarrhea
D. Prolapse
Ans: b.

48. Hashimoto’s thyroiditis – true are A/E –
A. Follicular destruction
B. Increase in lymphocytes
C. Oncocytic metaplasia
D. Orphan Annie eye nuclei
Ans: d.

49. A man with blunt abdominal trauma with H/O pelvic fracture has presented to ER. He has passed only few drops of blood per meatus and no urine in the past 8 hrs. His bladder is palpable per abdomen. Which of the following is correct?
A. Anuria due to hemorrhagic shock
B. Urethral injury
C. Ureteral rupture leading to extravasation of urine in retroperitoneum
D. Bladder rupture
Ans: b.

50.  25 yr old male having fever & malaise since 2 weeks, arthritis of ankle joint and tender erythematous nodules over the shin. Diagnosis is –
A. Erythema nodosum
B. Hensen’s disease
C. Weber-Christian disease
D. Urticardial vasculitis
Ans: a.

Prepared by:
Kevin Wong
Anthony Chan

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