Friday, 20 January 2012

1) Safety
  • Please avoid using heater in hostel.
  • All of electrical tools such as boiler,rice cooker must be placed in the kitchen.(hostel)
  • Make sure all of you dress warm in winter season.This will affect your health for short and long term.
  • Be caution while walking on the street to avoid any incidents (slippery,falling of ice from top roof of apartment along the street/corridor,trauma,etc)
  • Presidency election of Russian Federation will be held on March 4th, so please avoid to get involve with (anybody/group) who promoting the election. For those who live in apartments, just ignore the people who come to your house to ask/promote you to join their political parties.

2) Winter holiday

  • Our dekanat recommend us to avoid using buses for going to Moscow.You can use other options such as train and flight.There are lots of accidents occurs on street during winter season.
  • During travelling in Russia,if you are stopped by people who claim himself as a police(or other officers), and asking you to show your documents(passport,visa etc), you have the right to ask his 'authority card' before showing your documents.And you can show your copies of your documents.
  • If the police,officers asking for money on the street, please ask him to bring you to nearest police station or bank to make payment(if you are needed to do so).But please keep your original documents with yourself.Dont pay any cent to police on the street!

3) After Coming back from holiday


  • You must submit all the original and copies of your documents (passport,visa,imigression card) to visa department within 3 days upon arrival in Volgograd for new registration.
  • If you travel in Russia( Moscow,Sochi,St. Petersburg) more than 7 days, you need to do new registration as mentioned above.If less than 7 days, you just need to send back your visa to Visa Department.
  • For those who need to renew the visa, you need to submit all original and copies of your documents (passport,visa,imigression card & bank receipt20 days before your visa expired.
  • In order to renew visa, make sure your passport have 6 months validity before expired.
  • For students who stay in Moscow after arriving from other countries(Europe,Malaysia etc), please keep your international and domestic tickets and need to show during registration.
  • Please keep your visa safely.
  • If something happened (lost of wallets,visa,passport), please lodge a police report and go to Malaysian Embassy of the country.
4) Important contact numbers
Dean's Office (Nina Vilyevna)   : +78442383018 
Contract Department             : +78442383063 
Internation Department         : +78442385355
Visa Department                   : +78442385355 
Malaysian Embassy(MOSCOW) : +7499 1471512,+7499 1471514+7499 1471523
Any questions, please feel free to ask any MSA committee members, batch reps.

On behalf of MSA VSMU, I would like to wish you all all the best in your exams and happy holidays!

We see,we listen,we act!

Mohamad Khairul Afham,
President of MSA VSMU

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