Monday, 7 March 2011

Request for Financial Aid

Dear all,

Request for Financial Aid for SaranyaSukumaran

Regarding the matter above, MSA would like to make an appeal on behalf of SaranyaSukumaran and her family to the Malaysian students to ask for financial assistance for her.

2. Saranya Sukumaran is a 4th year student in our university, who stays at Kim Hostel. On her winter holiday in Spain, she was hospitalized, where she was diagnosed with H1N1. She was later admitted into the ICU department for complications due to pneumonia secondary to H1N1 and has remained unconscious since then (approximately 3 weeks). She is expected to be weaned slowly off the artificial respiratory apparatus, as her lungs and chest muscles are not strong enough to breathe independently.

3. SaranyaSukumaran is from a single-parent family, with her mother as the bread-winner. She is not on scholarship, nor has she other forms of financial aid.

4. MSA would like to humbly request for donations from the Malaysian student community in Volgograd to ease the financial burden on Saranya’s family. This gesture will also show the whole-hearted warm wishes of the entire Malaysian community for Saranya’s recovery to them.

5. Everything collected will be sent to Saranya’s mother, Ms. SaraswatiMariappan.

Thanking you kindly for your support

[UPDATE: As of Friday,4th March 2011,she has regained consciousness but is still in the ICU]


  1. WANT TO DONATE: The batch reps will passing the students forms soon.So please try to help out our friend in need.

    -Ramesh M.-

  2. god please help for her health...god bless u

  3. god plz giv her the strength to get bck normal......