Friday, 4 June 2010

Document Matters for First Year JPA and MARA Sponsored Students

Attn: JPA and MARA sponsored 1st year students

This is to inform you that your higher education documents/certificates translations are ready, and they are currently in the hands of the university.

You are required to find Miss Tatiana, who is in charge of the certification of documents, in the treasury of the university (below the dean’s office) together with your passport and 5000 rubles* to deal further with your document nostrification; they are yet to be sent to Moscow for final certification and verification.

As for MARA sponsored students, you are also required to present your UNITEC cert besides your passport and the fee stated above.

This procedure has to be done by 15th June 2010 (Tuesday).

PLEASE DO NOT DELAY! Any delays for your document verification might prevent you from completing your academic semester in the future.

*Fee stated is as of current rate. Payment delay might result in increased rate.

Please be informed. Thank you.


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