Sunday, 14 March 2010

Visa and Invitation for Relatives

Dear 6Th year students,
Please be informed that if your parents are planning to attend your graduation, visa and invitation letter can be done through 2 options:
Option 1:- through university
  • This option will cost you 500 rubles per person.*not including registration fee of the stay.
  • Parents staying less than 3 days do not need registration.
  • Parents staying more than 3 days need registration. Please refer to the authority in charge of your stay for further details regarding registration. It depends where your parents are planning to stay. Example: If it is university hostel, refer to university. If apartment, refer to owner. If hotel, refer to hotel management.
  • This option only entitles your parents to be in Moscow and Volgograd only.

Option 2:- through your respective travel agencies in Malaysia
  • This option is flexible. It only depends on your custom arrangement.

Thank you.

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